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Marketing is vital for any kind of business. It applies to educational institutes as well.

To shine in a market with many schools, marketing your school’s brand is as important as providing good education to your students. TimeToSchool Educational Services (TES) provide branding services to schools, which range from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Magic (website solutions), Mobile APPs in brand name, event management and mainstream media marketing.

Media Marketing:

With Social Media Marketing, our dedicated team with hands-on experience into marketing guide you to maintain or they will directly maintain your social media pages in such a way that people are attracted towards your school’s brand. Media Marketing service ensures that your current audiences are maintained properly and more leads are generated for you through digital platforms.

We can also help you with marketing your brand in mainstream media like newspaper and televisions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is the general term that you probably had witnessed over many online websites. This is an important service to ensure that all searches in web reflects your websites and your brand.

TES’ Branding Services cover SEO of your school’s website and other links.

Web Magic:

Web Magic is a separate service, however, falls under the umbrella of Branding Services as it helps your school to gain confidence of parents and to keep audience informed on latest activities and development. You can relax as your website is automatically maintained by our application.

Mobile APP in brand name:

Developing Parent APP for schools on their brand name falls under the Branding service of TimeToSchool Educational Services (TES).

We recommend you to have Parent APP in your brand name as we, on our experience, feel that parents are more engaged when it is a direct APP in name of the school.

Why you should own an APP in your school name? –

  • To have effective parent engagement platform.
  • More reliable and more effective communication.
  • Two way interactions made possible.
  • Marketing your brand is more effective this way.
  • Parents feel notification in Parent APP with school to be authentic.
  • Secured medium of communication.

Event Management:

Conducting events for various social engagement and sports activity ensures that parents of various other schools get to know your school. This gives an opportunity for parents to know about your brand, achievements, facilities and commitment.

Our team helps you to organize these events and our expert marketing team guides you and provide tips on areas to cover and gain leads.

Gear-up your school with our branding services today and feel relaxed as getting you the leads is our goal then on!

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