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Web Magic

Real Magic on Your Website

In a tech savvy world, website becomes the face value of all business including educational institutes.

Almost every school in the country owns a website but the real issue is maintaining it regularly, keeping it up-to-date and generating leads (admissions).

Market research reveals that most of the schools in India have difficulty in maintaining their website up-to-date. Our research also states that most of the parents of current generation rely upon the information that is available in the internet. Therefore, having up-to-date information in website is primary for educational institute to gain confidence among the parents. 

With Web Magic, we create a platform for you to maintain your website effortlessly. We integrate your website to dedicate mobile applications so that updating your website is a just single click away. School ERP and WEB Magic together makes wonder! You can relax as your website is automatically maintained by our application.

Benefits of subscribing Web Magic service:

  • Up-to-date website with recent activities
  • Gaining confidence of customers
  • Increase in site traffic which in turn, increases student admissions
  • Confident and tech savvy institution outlook
  • Effective lead tracking (Admissions Management Integrated Service)
  • Schedule result publications like a university

There is a dedicated Market research team at our end who continuously bring new concepts for the website and we will have you covered on all future needs.

Web Magic integrated with two other services of TimeToSchool Educational Services covers all your branding needs: SEO & Social Media Marketing.

Our dedicated web team works closely with your school in ensuring that your website is up-to-date and reflects in almost all search engines.

TES’ Web Magic really does magic to your school’s website, give it a try.

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