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The power of voice messaging

One of the most on-demand services of TimeToSchool Educational Services (TES) is the Voice Guru audio messaging service. Through this service, you can send instant voice message to parents and staff using our easy-to-use Voice messaging panel. The voice messaging service is highly effective in sending invitations and other general notification to parents. The management can also send notification about any important happenings in the school or about a milestone the school achieved.

How simple is using our Voice SMS panel: School admin can record the message/ alert as a voice note and upload it to the system. A voice call will be received by the parents within the next couple of minutes and the audio message is delivered through the call.

Are you worried about cost? No need to worry: TES’ Voice Guru is really a guru for you if you are worried about the cost that voice SMS can incur. Our Panel comes with Voice Push service: Voice message can directly be delivered to the parent mobile app. This service does not incur telecom voice SMS cost.

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