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This service provided for the school management serves as an all-in-one solution for the school in collecting and managing fees. For a very long time, school managements have had difficulty in fees collections, sending fees related alerts, handling cash transactions in school counters, tracking fees dues and sending reminders. Traditional way of doing it is by using an excel sheet to track this information and contact the parents through phone, however all these traditional ways does not reduce the workload of school management but increases them.


When every there is a request from management to provide report on Fees collection and Fees dues, it takes a whole lot of effort for the admin staff to prepare a report. This activity not only consumes the working hours of the admin staff but, also delays the timely action that needs to be taken by the Management.


PayFees solves this problem for the Staff and the Management by maintaining real time information as required by the management. Any change in Fees status instantly reflects in the Dashboard and can be viewed by the management.


What you can do using PayFees:

  • Record Fees collected through Cash, DD, or POS in the application.
  • Provide payment receipts to Parents
  • Send payment confirmation and receipt as SMS alerts for parents to download
  • Send alert on Fees overdue to Parents in few clicks
  • Provide insight on Fees data for Management
  • Exportable Fees status reports

Get this Feature


    To further reduce the workload of the admin/accounts staff, PayFees+ provide a more versatile solution through online Fees collection solution. Not only reducing the work of Staff and Management, PayFees+ make it convenient for the Parents to pay school fees right from wherever they are and avoid travelling to school. This makes fees collection even faster and parents do not have to make time to visit the school and pay fees.


    Fees collection through online can be started in just 5 working days by providing few documents for activating the Payment Gateway.


    All features and benefits of PayFees is fully available in PayFees+ as well. So, stop struggling at the counter and switch to PayFees+

    Go Digital!! Go Seamless!!